Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet the ancestors

Howdy y'all. After my brush with TV's Julian Richards it got me thinking about my roots: who exactly are my ancestors?

Geneology has been popularised of late, not just by shows like Meet the Ancestors starring Julian Richards who I met last week, but also by shows such as Who Do You Think You Are? on the beeb.

According to some scientists we (the humans) orginated in Africa, I doubt very much whether my amatuer attempts at geneology will plot a root back to the Rift Valley! lol...probably only just get me back to the Trent Valley!!!!

That's where I know, for sure, that Mum and Dad met. As regular readers will know, I don't really like to speak about my Dad, not after the way he left me and Mum to fend for ourselves. Well, it seems the heartless fiend had more in common with Mum than I'd given her credit for, since she's now left me for her new fancy man.

I was forced to divorve Mum a while back and that spat has put a bit of spanner in the works of me building a Newsdesk Family Tree. I know that my parents met in Nottingham, before moving to Lincoln when I was born.

I think Mum's parents were from Nottingham too, while Dad's were from Ireland or possibly Scotland. Maybe one from each, maybe that's where I get my temper?!

I've got an uncle from Germany. But I think he married into the family so I'm not sure that counts. That's where my trail runs a bit dry I'm afriad.

I do know that the East Midlands was under Dane Law once upon a time, so there's a good chance that my relatives (on Mum's side) originated in Scandinavia. And, I suppose if Dad's were Celts, they too might have been Vikings.

I like spicey food, so maybe one of my relatives is from the Indian sub-continent. Oh and, I love Cobra beer!!

That all said, I've got blue eyes and fair skin, so that would fit in more with the Viking theory. I am also fearless and quite partial to heavy metal. Although, and I feel it's necessary to point this out, in case you're thinking the worse, I have never been raping or pilaging. It's just not my style ;-)

It wouldn't be a very good edition of Who Do You Think You Are? would it? The thing is though, it's not where you come from that defines you, it's where you're going!!

And I'm off down the pub....

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  1. But imagine what you might find with a bit of professional digging. That inheritance might be closer than you think.