Monday, September 7, 2009

Fur Wars - Chapter 31

Darlyena Daryleson had never looked so beautiful. “Am I in Warren?” Derek asked. Darlyena smiled, “come on now Derek Derekson, we don’t have time for this nonsense.” Grabbing him by the hand she led him over to where Albert was now crouching over Garth.

“What happened Darylena? How come the crazy dude with the purple outfit is dead and how come Albert Dragon Dragonson is crying like a big green girl? And, where’s the crazy cow with the ear muffs?” asked Derek.
“After The Sacrifice I suddenly found myself down here,” said Darlyena, “I was put into a cell and given loads of cakes and personal grooming products. I was being fattened up Derek.”
“Fattened up?!”
“Yeah, they were fattening me up for my fur. There are millions of us down here. The crazy cow with the earmuffs was talking to someone called Mong. They’re going to destroy the whole place, they needed to make sure Vimto—that bloke with the purple outfit—was here first though. That’s why I came back to The Village. She thought she’d drugged me, but I never swallowed.”
“Well, that’s not what Dave Daveson said.”

Darlyena’s eyes narrowed while she considered responding. “Anyway,” she said, “When Vimto appeared in the delivery bay the crazy cow with the earmuffs suddenly shot off, that’s when I escaped. She was halfway through finishing him off when you guys arrived, she had him tied up, so I nibbled through the ropes and he was able to get over there and finish her off!”
“Wow, you’re amazing Darlyena,” said Derek more in love than he’d ever been before, “but how do we get back home?”
“I know how to get back to Nob. Like I said, I wasn’t drugged, follow me there’s a special door back into The Forest. We’d better hurry before Mong’s Def Jam Super Star Hipperty Hopperty Annihilator Beam kills us all!”

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