Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is there anybody there?

Well readers, it's been two days since I finished posting the last post of my epic story of good versus evil. Two whole days and George Lucas has yet to bother writing a comment.

I must say though, I did enjoy the comments from my gorgeous followers. Particularly those of my dearest follower Mr Coleman.

He wrote to me from his hospital bed, readers, moments before he went under the knife prior to heart surgery!!!

The only trouble is, he missed the end of Fur Wars - Oh GOD readers, I hope he's all right, I really do, I can't think of anything worse than missing the end of Fur Wars. The dramatic finale.

I wonder if Mr C had an out of body experience, perhaps he floated up above his hospital bed, and tried to log on to read the last two chapters, only his ghostly fingers passed through the keyboard - maybe the thought of missing the last chapters urged him to return to his body!

Or...maybe he didn't make it. I'm not going to think the worse, but I only hope that if he didn't make it that up in whatever heaven he's living in (he never did reveal his religious beliefs) that the God he happens to follow allows His angels to log onto the internet and read the blog. I suppose it would be unrealistic of me to expect that God to allow Mr C to communicare with the living from Heaven via the comments section of my blog.

But imagine if this blog became a communications channel with the afterlife!!!! That would be wicked I reckon. I'm pretty sure it would become one of the hottest properties in the blogosphere, I could probably name my price in terms of sponsorship opportunities.

Just think of the questions we could ask. Will the Beatles reform when Macca pops his clogs? Did Hitler still get let in despite all that stuff he got up to? Is it true that when my body involutarily shivers that someone has walked over my grave? Is playing the harp compulsory? Who's the hardest scrapper in heaven? Do you retain your age at death for all eternity or can you choose resemble the person you were at time when you had a bit more hair? Can you sex in heaven? Does everyone have to go to a different heaven or is it a multi-cultural melting pot? Do animals go to heaven? Is it true that God made the bee and the devil made the wasp?

There are so many questions that Mr Coleman could answer. Hopefully though, of course, he'll be back in a little over a week for his online paty.
Get well soon Mr C.



  1. Hiya Baz. Sorry for the lack of comments lately. I began reading Fur Wars but I have to admit staying in front of the computer was hard for me, coz I spent moments in front of it trying to understand stuff I didn't understand - so I decided that I copy everything in a Word document, and my sister will print it and send it to me tomorrow. The lines I read I really enjoyed !

    I thought about MrColeman too and really hope he's fine, I miss reading his wise comments - he brightened my days since I began visiting your blogs !

    Some major changes happened in my life lately, and if you care reading it, I can DM you on here or Facebook - you can blog about that, but you will have not to mention me, LOL.

    Anyway, I really hope life is treating you well. If I didn't drop loads of comments lately I often had a thought for you my friend !

    Take care

    Your faithful follower Mess

    PS: And Come on England tonight...

    May I suggest you re-listen to (How Does It Feel To Be) On Top Of The World ? lol


  2. Hey guys - thanks for the comments! Mess dude, don't worry about not making comments. I know we're solid. Facebook me with your interesting news, it sounds very intriguing. I hope you enjoy Fur Wars when your sis sends you the full script. Take care.

  3. Hello blogleader, Mrs C. here....tried to send this post the other day but the technology confounded me! However, I wanted to let you all know in blog land that Mr C. came through his operation with the usual panache! No sign of any out of body experiences but he did talk a bit of morphine induced drivel! Will make sure he attends the party, tell me, is formal dress required ? Now, if you look at last blog comments, you're in for a surprise!