Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fur Wars - Chapter 27

“What do you mean, you got bored?” hissed Mong.
“Well, I was waiting around for ages, and all that happened was a bunch of the Bunnies appeared carrying Skoda and what appeared to be a giant lizard on top of a knackered looking rocket. There was no sign of Vimto. Let’s just nuke the place,” said the Princess.
“Lizard, you say. Can you describe this lizard more?”
“Dunno really, he was bigger than your average lizard, a bit like a small dinosaur. Green, scaly and frankly a bit stupid looking.”
“Albert,” said Mong, “Vimto was right.”


  1. It's getting intriguing!! Sat here on edge of my computer chair. Your keyboard must be smoking!!
    How will it all end?

    Cheers, MrC

  2. Only time will tell Mr C, only time will tell...