Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friend or foe?

Firdos Anjani
Elena Firstova
David Doze
Caroline Anne
Beatriz Carvalho
Alan Stevens

Yesterday I announced my new plan to gain followers to my blog. The last act of a desperate man? Maybe, but who cares?

I selected six Facebook friends (from A-F) their pictures are shown above to each of them I sent the following Facebook email:

Dear Facebook friend

We have been friends on Facebook now for quite some time. I'm not sure how long, because we've never actually met and the only reason I approached you to become a friend is that I thought you looked quite nice - I don't mean that in a sleazy wierd way either, I just thought you looked like you might be a good friend.

Anyway, we haven't really been hanging out or doing the things friends do, which is a shame, still I'd like to ask of you a favour, it's quite simple and will not take any kind of financial transaction (unless you're that Nigerian Prince who keeps emailing me!! lol). All this year I've been writing a blog ( and managed to attract a following of 26 lovely people - well, 24 lovely people really because TWO people left me quite recently.

The thing is, I've tried everything to get my number of followers up. Twenty four might be a nice number of hours in the day, but it's a laughably low number of blog followers.

I announced on yesterday's blog posting that I would choose six Facebook friends and place their pictures on the blog (you were one of the chosen few) and I would invite them all to become a follower of the blog. In the event that not one of the six become a blog follower, I will roll the Dice of Doom and de-friend you from my Facebook friend list.

Please come and follow the blog, I do not want to defriend you, but if no one joins the fold, I will roll the Dice of Doom and let fate decide.

Your friend


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