Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fur Wars - Chapter 12


“Enter,” said the deep, metallic, voice of the Imperial Lord Vimto.


“Sir. We’re here sir.”
“Excellent. Ready my landing craft,” said Vimto.
“Of course sir… er sir, could be a slight hitch sir.”
“Slight hitch!” shouted Vimto, “I don’t want to hear about hitches captain.”
“Well sir, it’s just that there could be a bit of problem, that’s all,” said the witless Imperial trooper.
“Ready my landing craft captain. Do so now, before you find out what a real problem feels like.”
“We can’t find it sir,” said the captain.
“Can’t find my landing craft, what are you talking about man?” demanded Vimto.
“Not your landing craft sir. The signal.”
“What signal?”
“The distress signal sir. We came out of hyperspace into a low orbit over the coordinates BZT173690-HRW373028 and, well, it’s disappeared sir.”
“Disappeared?” asked an incredulous Vimto.
“Yes sir, disappeared. One minute it’s there, the next, poof! Gone sir. Like a puff of smoke.”
“Ready my landing craft captain,” said Vimto.

Just then a DY-son-3PO cleaner droid appeared at Lord Vimto’s blast door entrance.

“But Lord Vim..garghrhrhrgghrgghrgrhgrhgrhrgrhgrhhr,” gurgled the hapless trooper as he fell into the waiting arms of the droid.
“There are no problems,” said Vimto, “only solutions.”

“BING! Clean as you go, clean as you go. BING!” went the droid as it lugged the trooper’s body towards the blast doors.

Whooshswish…thud, b’dump... wooshswishDING!

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