Monday, September 7, 2009

Fur Wars - Chapter 36

The world below filled Mong’s observation deck almost completely. “I have you now,” he cackled.
“Sir,” shouted an Imperial Trooper, “we have an incoming hostile.”

Mong looked over to the monitors and saw what was unmistakably Lord Vimto’s star destroyer heading straight for the Def Jam Super Star. “Bu, but how?” he stumbled to himself as the giant craft careered headlong into the Def Jam Super Star’s Annihilator Beam.

Simultaneously, on the flight deck of Vimto’s star destroyer a DY-son-3PO cleaner droid was receiving instructions from a TomTom-D2 on the planet below.

BING! Clean as you go, clean as you go. BING! It said, shortly before being blown to dust along with everything else within a half-mile radius by the explosion of the ensuing collision.

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