Monday, September 7, 2009

Fur Wars - Chapter 35

Duncan Duncanson held the phone up to his furry ear, but all he heard was the ringback tone: “Through these fields of destruction. Baptism of fire. I’ve watched all your suffering. As the battles raged higher. And though they did hurt me so bad. In the fear and alarm. You did not desert me. My brothers in arms.”

“There’s no answer,” said Duncan as the Bunnies stood around.
“I knew it,” said Prime Bunny Dave, “you should never send a Derekson to do a Daveson’s job.”

SMASH!! The Hutch door flew off its hinges as Derek Derekson burst in. “Dragon Dragonson will save us,” said Derek.

The assembled Bunnies were too dumbstruck to speak. “He’s outside checking his rocket ship. He reckons when the lightening from The Sacrifice struck his ship it did recharge his batteries,” said Derek before spinning on his heels and heading back to Albert.

Dave Daveson and his advisors sat motionless for a moment or two, before charging out of the Prime Bunny’s Hutch in time to see Derek scampering up to Dragon’s ship by The Pyre. The large green monster was already climbing aboard, he half turned to face the crowd.

“Fine Bunnies of The Village, I Dragon Dragonson returned from space to lead you to salvation. And it is back into space that I must go in order to rid you of destruction. Thanks mainly to the help of young Derek Derekson the explorer. His father and his father’s father, and his ..well, you get the picture, they were all explorers. Like me. Searching out new and interesting worlds with excellent parking. I urge you to explore your world, and world beyond. Until the next time, I bid you farewell.”

The Bunnies cheered. They cheered and they cheered, and they cheered some more. Albert felt the warm glow of self-satisfaction washing over him. He closed the hatch of his ship, the Bunnies’ cheering of approval still clearly audible.

“Right,” said Albert, “let’s get this show on the road.” He pulled down the visor of his helmet, flicked a couple of buttons on the control panels in front of him and watched the display unit light up. The instruments of his ship came alive, he looked down at the fuel gauge. Half full, not bad. He waggled his joystick, and the ship’s flaps flipped back and forth.

He turned on TomTom-D2 BEEP! Insert co-ordinates. BEEP! Albert punched in the coordinates of the moon. He would smash through Mong’s Def Jam Super Star en route, the ultimate, self-sacrificing, kamikaze, martyr. He pressed the big red button with ‘Engage Boosters’ written on it. The boosters engaged and the rocket started to vibrate reassuringly.

The engines were now easily drowning out the sound of the Bunnies’ cheers. But the craft was not lifting off. Inside the cockpit Albert pressed the button marked ‘Engage After Burners’. The after burners engaged and the noise grew louder, and louder, then it sort of peaked at a level of loudness that could be heard at least a couple of miles from The Village. Then it started getting quieter, and quieter. Soon the sound of the Bunnies’ cheering could be heard again over the engine noise and shortly after that the sound of the Bunnies’ cheering also started getting quieter and quieter.

Eventually the ship’s engines fell still. Albert strained to hear, but was pretty sure he could no longer hear the jubilant Bunnies from without. This was going to take some explaining.

Albert took out his phone, “maybe I can talk dad out of it,” he said to himself.

His eyes lit up inspired, Albert quickly took out Garth’s mobile phone, looking over at the control panel of his TomTom-D2 unit Albert pushed a few buttons.

BEEP! Re-calculating, recalculating. BEEP!

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  1. OK - switched on PC to do some last-minute Emails and caught chapters 34 and 35! What a bonus!
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