Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unlucky for some

It seems as though my follower outreach has paid off. After Lolren joined the fold, I have my 13th follower. The rather excellent Comedy Plus.

It's an hilariously funny blog, dedicated to gags galore. I was going to go out into town today for an interview for a new job, but I got into reading the funnies on Comedy Plus and I totally lost track of time. I missed my interview slot completely. You've gotta laugh though, right? That's what life's all about.

At the time of writing Comedy Plus has got a majestic 193 followers, proving that I'm not alone when it comes to seeking a good giggle.

It was my 13th follower, but I didn't heed the warning. After predicting a Man Utd 3-2 Barcelona result, I went to Ladbrokes and placed a £50 bet, I was left licking my wounds after only ten minutes when Eto'o poked in Barcelona's first. Betting really is a mug's game.

Incidentally, can anyone out there tell me why Eto'o celebrated by trying to summon up a vain on his forearm in the manner of a smackhead? Was he trying to say scoring a goal is as good as mainlining heroin? Because if he was, that's not a message I condone. That said, I've never injected drugs and I've never scored a goal in the Champions League final.

Although, my Pro Evolution Soccer team Notts Forest have won the Master League and WEFA Championship a fair few times and sometimes I've even played after a little bit of the old whacky-backy. But, kids, I'm a lot slower at the game after a few smokes. They don't call it dope for nuffin'. Ya dig?!

After I got over the shock of losing £50 within ten minutes of the start of the game I just settled down into a few cans of Cobra and resigned myself to the loss. I did cheer up when Messi scored because it reminded me of my excellent Chelsea supporting French homeboy Mess.

I realised that Bill Shankly was wrong when he said football is more important than life or death. If you've got friends you can trust, football really is just a game.

I'm starting to well-up readers.

Love you all.



  1. Comedy Plus is indeed an excellent blog. I follow it too and it always brightens my day. Sorry that you lost your bet. I'm a big Man U fan!!

  2. Thanks Ailurophile - I think Man Utd will live to fight more Euro Cups.

    Love your blog by the way. I'm defo going to follow, I love CATS.

  3. Oh thank you for the thought ! I despise both teams, but it was a cool match ! x