Thursday, May 21, 2009

A minor set back

True to my word, I emailed Kenny Campbell the editor (and his deputy editor David Monk) of Britain's brightest freesheet, The Metro, pitching my story idea of one simple man's quest to stride the corridors of power.

As regular readers will know, it was The Metro that inspired me to become a Citizen Journalist. It's the people's paper! (Hey Kenny, you can use that strapline if you like!)

Anyway, cutting a long story short, Kenny responded late last night (he was clearly up proofing today's issue). Here's what he had to say:

Dear Barry,

Many thanks for your email. Sorry to hear you've lost your job - I know the fact you're one of many doesn't make it any less unpleasant.

Perhaps not surprisingly, we're not commissioning new talent at the moment, even when someone appears to have some ability (and, believe me, I see plenty of submissions which demonstrate remarkable inability with the language...).

I had a look at your website and you obviously enjoy working with words, so stick with it, even though I can't use your abilities right now.

All the best, and good luck on the work front.

Kenny Campbell (Editor)

What a top guy. I know I've sent several pieces into The Metro and got nothing back (yet) but at least I'm on the big man's radar now. So it's probably only a matter of time before they give me a regular column.
It's great that the editor himself emailed me (I thought he might get the deputy to do all the menial stuff), just goes to show that Kenny is plugged into the world. He probably sits in his office, hawk-like, observing matters as they unravel all around the world.
Dave's probably too busy 'repurposing' that night's Evening Standard!
Yours in News


  1. Wow! This is so great ! This deffo means that something good's coming. Keep my fingers crossed ! (I secretly pray that some pop magazine or site will give a column too one day, lol !!)

    Have a nice day my friend !


  2. Okay – I’m sorry. Having read Mess’ really upbeat and congratulatory comment on your weekend away with Gill I realise what a curmudgeonly old stick-in-the-mud I have been. I guess my less than enthusiastic comments about your away game were motivated by a teeny-weeny bit of jealousy that I was contriving to hide behind the rather pointless anagram theme. Of course I’m pleased for you – you lucky dog – and obviously there is no real value in the “power of anagrams”… Ignore all my previous nonsense and follow your instincts – they ultimately are the only true arbiters of our destiny!
    However! I’ve been thinking about your recurring mentions of Roger, and your worries about his intentions with your Mum. I have been asking myself similar questions to the ones that you must have been asking yourself. Questions such as:


    Now, put it down to skill, intuition, perhaps an incisive intellect or even a daft old man who needs to get out more, but all I could see in the above questions was the following:


    Check it out! Letter by letter – it’s all there! Surely you MUST now see the power held in the most innocent of words and phrases!

    Oh, I know what you are thinking – it’s that BR isn’t it? You’re thinking "Who the hell is BR? It's not me!" And you’re probably right to throw in this valuable doubt. I'm assumimg the message is intended for you but as I’ve no idea of your surname – how could I, you have rightly concealed your true identity behind your
    nom-de-plume of “Newsdesk” - there just has to be some possibility of error.. There are 25 other letters in the alphabet, and any one of them could be the first initial of your family name. So – there is only a 25 to 1 chance that the warning held in the anagram could be correct or meant solely for you. This then must be the test. The hidden message of the anagram has no value at all if your surname does not begin with an “R”.

    OK. Gotta go! Promised myself a quiet night watching the latest Countdown DVD that the lovely wife got me for my birthday. Best of luck on the job hunt.

  3. Hey Mr C. It's like having Sherlock Holmes as a follower. COOOOL.

    Thanks for the prayors Mess man. (You did your own detective work and tracked me down on Facebook - so you know the truth already.)

    ps. I notice you've sent me a Facebook invite I'll respond later, got to get cracking, I'm getting totally addicted to Pro Evolution Soccer and it's eating up all my spare time....!