Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a Mess!

I've only gone and lost two more followers....that's three in as many days. WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID??
I know you all know how painful I find losing followers, but I'm not going to dwell on the negatives today (besides one of the followers I lost was The Finisher, and he was a bit of cock - so it's not all bad). So I thought I'd focus on the good that blogging can do. I thought I'd dedicate today's blog post to my good friend and excellent follower Mess.

A while back I was contacted by WuTravel.com and asked you guys in readerland whether I should take up their kind offer of sponsorship. Mr Coleman advised against it in a comment post which was very helpful and sound advice (as always), but Mess went one step further sending me a very useful email note on Facebook.

It's so useful, and I don't want anyone else falling into the WuClan's Plan that I thought I'd post it here.

Hiya Barry !

I just didn't want to post my thoughts on your page coz I maybe wrong!

I didn't know what to think about the mail you received, the fact that 'Alyssa' or whatever she is didn't sign made me think that it was a pre-made mail which is sent to everyone who's writing back to the offer.

Especially this part:"Please reply me If you are willing to accept our offer, then I will open an affiliate account for you right now, after you put on our banner on your site, I will deposit the money for you.:)"

They seem really in a rush, and one little detail bothered me, where did this smiley came from ?

It makes me think of all the junk mail I receive saying I won some stuff. And based on what you said, which is absolutely true, about the fact that ppl are asking for it and are motivated by greed, I found this kinda suspicious:

"If you can redirect more visitors to our site, you can calculate how much $$$ you will earn!!!!!" too much $ sign and exclamation points to me!

I did some research on Google. A guy or girl, whatever, on April 16 2009 posted on a forum that a girl name Alexis, working for WuTravel, offered this blogger to have ban ads on the blog.

He was asking something like 'Can I trust them' ? no answer was sent.

The research continues and then, on Yahoo! Q&A, the same person posted the same message. And another person replied that she had the same mail, not long after opening the blog.

This last link I wanna share with you I found particularly interesting: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090415192126AA7QLjQ

The girl is posting the mail she received, and surprise, someone told her 'You have one good site, but your site traffic is really low'. When you read the message, it is EXACTLY the same one you received!

I don't think this company isn't legit but I would consider this as spam. You earn circa 10-20 visitors a day and for a blogger it's kinda great!

I had circa 80 visitors after opening on March 28. And I just completely agree with that: "Something makes me think that this might be one of those Internet scams that you sometimes read about in The Metro. You read about old ladies sending all their savings to Nigerian Princes under the false promise of a share in their fortunes or people being sent an email from their bank asking for all their sign-on information, only to find out a couple of days later that someone has emptied their bank accounts."

I wouldn't do it, at least not with them, I'm sure there are another ways to let ppl know how brill your page is!Have a nice evening my friend !Mess
I received an email from WuTravel.com, and they interested to place their ads on my blog site.? - Ya
Source: answers.yahoo.com
So, once again, thanks to the Mess Man. Excellent research and excellent feedback. I only hope someone else out there find it as helpful as I did.

Much love.


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  1. My, I'm blushing, well thanks ! And see, told ya, some ppl are interested in your page, I'm thinking about doing one of these interviews too !!