Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Ternimator [sic]

Firtsly, well done Chelsea. The FA Cup is nowhere as prestigious as it was when I was a youngster, but to come from behind against all odds and when it shows true character.

Character, which I'm afraid my friend Dave the roofer is clearly lacking. After yesterday's game I texted Dave to congratulate him. But, get this, he didn't even say 'thank you'. I know. It's just rude and thoughtless isn't it. Very much like getting your best friend's recently ex'd-girlfriend up the duff.

Speaking of which, I did get one text yesterday, it was the one from Gill that woke me up. I didn't get around to reading it until late last night, admitedly I'd can one or two Cobras with my Fray Bentos pie, so I wasn't in the best frame of mind.

The message said, and I quote:

"Barry. I have decided to have a ternimation [sic]. Its just not right. Please dont tell Dave."

Well, you can bet what I thought can't you?! Looking at her spelling and terrible grammar it was clear to me that Gill had been drinking, which in her state is absolutely disgusting.

By the way readers, you'll notice I used [sic] both in the headline of today's blog and in Gill's text message. [Sic] is something journalists use when they're forced into making a spelling mistakes in quotes on purpose. It serves two points. First, it helps highlight how moronic the person they're quoting is. Second, it helps to reassure the reader that the journalist in question can spell (or has a spell checker on their word processor - I know, I know, Mr Coleman frequently points out where I've slipped up. But sometimes when I'm at full blogging tilt, I just don't have time to 'proof read my copy'*)

Anyway, back to Gill, I didn't really know what to do about Gill's text. Part of me felt pretty happy that she was making the right move and part of me, the spiritual part, felt that she was actually committing murder.

Abortion is a weighty subject readers. In a situation like Gill's, where she's had a quickie with an alcoholic roofer which has ruined her chances of getting back together with a thoroughly decent upstanding member of the community like me, maybe getting rid is the right move. But, when all's said and done, she has a baby growing inside her and so terminating the pregnancy is motivated entirely by self-interest. Which is not what the human race is all about!

It's something to ponder.


*the expression 'proof read my copy' is used in journalism, it basically means run the words through a spell checker.


  1. No level of personal devastation feels quite so bad with a hot Fray Bentos in front of you, does it?

  2. Beware Blogleader!
    Anagrams of "Hot Fray Bentos Pie!" - A brief tot's phoney!"
    "A beefy shit proton!"

    Now, there's some messages for both your emotional and physical health to ponder!

  3. By the way - well done on reaching 14 - it's getting a lot less lonely in here!

  4. There's nothing like a curry and a couple of Cobras. Of course it is entirely possible that "ternimation" is a real word that we don't know about. I always find abortions sad. I don't like to talk about them -such a sensitive subject- but deep down they always make me sad.

  5. As a prolific (but not pro-life) child hater I don't find abortion such a delicate subject. But I've learned that most people find jokes about wire coat hangers and gin a bit too much.

  6. [sic]:

    When younger I always wondered what this tiny word meant. I had to attend philosophy and literature classes on my graduation year to finally know !

    As MANY (well done on your 15 flwers! still stuck at 3, lol, but more visitors each day after less than a month, great innit ?) followers said here it's a delicate subject but in the end, it's sometimes, sad to say - useful and it's the best thing to do. But I think I'm one of those who think that it's not really a baby - even if it has a heart - when it's just the beginning. What can I say, I won't probably think the same way when I will experience this kind of experience...

    About the ternimation thing, here is what it makes me think about smg like spoonerism, like one of your followers said, maybe it's a word we just don't know about. But it's not really spoonerism I think. Three cheers for our queer old dean! lol


  7. Awesome comments from my new followers and, of course, Mess and Mr C (with yet more anangram mania - talk about hidden messages l;lol..!)

    Look - I've just created a new emoticon. Is there no end to my talents?! (DONT ANSWER THAT!!!)

    Can I get a woop-woop?

    I will post a customary mention of the new followers and their sites, but I've got some important current affaris bubbling up and I feel the need for some hard hitting, no nonsense, Newsdesk.