Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspiration for da nation

I've just read an excellent blog post. It was written by none other than my favourite French follower Mess. On his new blog, Tangled Up. Mess is tangling with that age old dilemma, love. He's got a soft spot for Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole.

To be honest though Mess, you shouldn't spend too much time waiting for the 'perfect' girl to turn up. I'm not sure that she'll be leaving Ashley any time soon and if she did, I dare say she'd probably be knocking on Christiano Ronaldo's door.

I've posted much about the subject of love. But, what can I say? If love wasn't so damn confusing, it wouldn't be so much fun! ;-)

Take me and Gill. Jeesh, first it's off then, well, I think it might on again readers. When I cast our relationship adrift, I thought Amber and I had a future. How wrong I was. OYG, how wrong I was. I should have seen the signs. Turns out she was dating Leigh all along and playing me for the fool.

She used me readers. I feel violated. I actually got Leigh sacked from Blockbusters, because I wanted to get sacked with Amber...jeesh, the irony. All along she was taking from the til and letting Leigh take the rap. Well, when I told Richard at Blockbusters that I thought it was Amber and not Leigh who was stealing, he told me shut and stop worrying about a few quid here and there - she's got him wrapped around her little finger, the weak willed cretin. There a word for girls like Amber.

Meanwhile, Gill's been up in Lincoln all this time looking after Mum. But Mum sent her home because Roger "can take care of things". ROGER!!! I saw Gill last night, she finally took me up on that Pizza Express offer. She told me about Dave, the roofer, it was a one-off she said. She started going on about how he made her feel "wanted". I felt a bit sick in the pit of my stomach. what a fool I've been.

Seeing Gill and just having a nice time made me think about my friend Steve's humdrum family life in Lincoln, maybe settling down isn't so bad after all.

I know, check me out, I'm having a life affirming moment.

I think I probably have this blog and trusty followers like Mess and Mr Coleman to thank for their support during the dark times.

I feel so proud that Mess suggests on his own blog that it was yours truly that inspired him to start blogging. Proud but at the same time I sense a tell-tale tingle of jealousy. I've got to admit, Mess's blog is excellent, a little too good! ;0)

It's a bit like the moment that a father realises his son can beat him in a fight. Maybe that's why Dad left us. Becasue he was jealous of me and Mum and scared that one day I'd be the one throwing my weight about.

Who's laughing now?

Newsdesk Out

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  1. Did I tell you about my crush for Amelle Berrabah and Natasha Hamilton ? I gotta admit, you're absolutely right, I know I shouldn't wait for Cheryl (aka the perfect girl) to knock at my door and say 'Oh Mess, you're the man I've been waiting for, and Ashley is a tw@, blah, blah!' ! But I try to change, it's not easy, because that's who I am. Hopelessly romantic. My sister told my mother once that I would be fooled by women when I'm older, and I think she was right. It could explain why I'm single. And only the good old friend and listener. But if Cheryl is hooking up with Ronaldo someday, I would be gutted, coz I deeply despise the man, and his team, lol.

    If someone has to thank another, that would be me, because I only write about my own personal struggles, the ones of a 22 yr old guy who is still discovering life in every aspects of it. And as you could be my brother (or even my father, but let's not offend Mr Newsdesk, lol!) I'm kind of 'glad' to see that I'm not the one with the deceptions and doubts and all, you know what I mean ! And it's great to share that, because people often say help yourself, but it's great to feel that you actually helped someone, or made someones day ! And as for me, on the blogspot universe, you're my master !

    And about the signs, I will finish this comment with a Charmed quote, by Phoebe, that I just love:

    As for me, I discovered that, just like Alice [in Wonderland], no matter how
    wild the ride, signs will sometimes lead you right back to where you started
    from ... changed, different ... but ... home.

    I keep believing in that. x