Monday, April 6, 2009

Will Young and a massive CORRECTION

I think I owe the blogosphere a massive apology.

At the end of February I gained a new follower called David Coleman. I thought it was the same Daivid Colman made famous for his balls. But it wasn't, it was Mr D Coleman, retired school master and (as it turns out) an excellent follower - I wouldn't swap Mr Coleman for the famous one, with or without his balls.

I was wrong. I jumped to the wrong conclusion. It was a case of mistaken identity. I corrected my mistake as soon as Mr Coleman pointed it out in the comments section of the blog (as indeed, I promise to do in the blog disclaimer at the bottom of the blog).

Anyway, yesterday I posted that my latest follower Cathy must be friends with popstar Will Young because he's in her blog's photo.

I popped the news up on Twitter and it didn't take long for it to spread like wild fire. A Will Young fan forum was soon on the case, only it wasn't good news - here's what was posted:

Originally Posted by angelique
bit confused by this!lol

just got a twitter thingy....

Will Young the popstar reads my blog, - HOW COOL IS THAT???

so of course went and had a peek....

is barry saying the guy in the pic with the girl doing the 'v's up is will?! cause if he is saying that..then he's wrong! lol...thats no will young

Well, quite a few people came through from the forum for a look, and the overwhelming opinion suggested that I was wrong...

Then Mess dropped by and commented that he too thought I might be wrong....jeesh, Rodney you plonker!! ;-)

Then....get this, the one person who was bound to know whether or not it was Will Young Twittered about it......well, not the one person actually, because Will Young would probably know, no, the person who Twittered about it was @samtring - the man in the photo...(pictured above).

Here's what he Tweeted:

samtringAccording to @barrynewsdesk - I look like Will young, apparently - http://barrynewsdesk.blogsp... [sorry to shatter the illusion]

Then I Tweeted:

@samtring Gosh - Sorry Samtring - I will have to post an apology. Unless you really are Will and this is a cunning ruse...

And he Tweeted back:

samtring@barrynewsdesk I wish I was - sadly i lack the talent and the money! no apology needed it's flattering more than anything.

Well, I think that's pretty conclusive readers. The man in the photo on Cathy's blog isn't Will Young. He's Sam Tring. He's a top bloke I reckon, Cathy's clearly a lucky girl to have found such a nice boyfriend.

Blimey readers, the power of the Internet. I never would have imagined when I started out on my quest to become a Citizen Journalist that I would have met such a great bunch. Just a few months ago I'd never even heard of Twitter and now look at me!!! I'm like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix.

Maybe I should get one of the Nokia phones with a slide out mouthpiece. I reckon that'd be pretty cool.

night, night Newsdesk out.x


  1. If I were Sam Tring I would be flattered ! But maybe Will will (redundant !) hear about this lil mistake and finally begins following your blogs ! and then we would be following him too ! (déjà vu all over again, lol)
    And don't owe the blogosphere an apology. When I first had a Facebook I put Amelle Berrabah from the Sugababes as my profile pic. Then everyone thought she was my girlfriend. (my french friends) And seriously, I considered not denying it. You can't blame a young man for tryin !

  2. It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world. Everyone makes mistakes eh?! like the bloke in the song Lola. These things happen.

    Thanks for your words of support Mess ;-)

    au revoir

  3. Whilst I am not Will Young, and thank you for thinking that I could resemble such a goodlooking chap, flattered I am, but may I suggest an eye test or perhaps cleaning ones glasses, if you wear glasses that is - I have met him a couple of times and did have a boogie with him once, in a club situation.

    My fiance Cathy and I would love you do us the honor of marrying us on twitter? You bought us closer together than we could ever have imagined, especially as I have now completely overlooked my love of cock to settle down with the lego haired wonder. So it seems only right that you should be the one to marry us.

    So, what do you say?