Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Come on Liverpool

I've had a few cans of Cobra today readers I got up late and with a handover and that, but I've had a dfew more and a few chooce words on the phone with gill and I I'll tell you what I dont reaaly care what you think right now, I'm not taking it

as regular readers will know I'vem a Notts forest fam , bnit tonight I'm going to be supporting a dfiffering tesm that plat sin red!!

Not News desk united,. I'm going to eb suportuing LIVERPOOOL - COME ON YOU REDS!!!

Note becasue I admire the club's rich European heritage and not becasue I admire their never say die attitude and not becasue the fans anthem You'll Never Walk Aline never fails to bring a lump to my throat,

I'm supportiung Liverpool tonight bcasue I fucking hate Chelsea. I hate their money and their fakery and Didier Drogba diving all over the place, but miost of all I hat their fans

especaily their fans called Dave. And especially the Daves that earn their livung by fleecing old ladies out of their life savings by scaring them half to death that their rooves need re-tiling, and off those roofing Daves, the ones I hate are the ones that sleep with their friend's ex-girlfriends' called Gill

So, for all your Chelsea-loving Judas scumbag Daves out there, COME ON YOU REDS!!! COME ON YOU REDS!!! COME ON YOU REDS!!!!

now then, I think it's time for another Cobra before the game kicks off


  1. Now that was rude !!! Lol, I hope we're still friends if I tell you that I'm a Chelsea fan...But it's all about footie. And what a match yesterday ! Even if LFC won, it would have been the kind of match you're glad to watch. Hope you're fine ! Take care xx

  2. Welcome back Blogleader. Sounds to be you have prescribed yourself the best medicine - just don't drive anywhere til the effects wear off! Remember - Cobra is named after a highly poisonous snake for very good reasons!