Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lucky Number S(t)even

I think most of us would agree that the best bit in the first Star Wars film (by which, of course, I mean 1977’s Episode IV, A New Hope, starring Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, and not that Phantom Menace nonsense. None of the sacrilegious prequel trilogies count as proper Star Wars films on this blog, kk??!!) is when, right near the end, Han Solo reappears piloting the Millennium Falcon through the trenches of the Death Star. He blows a TIE Fighter away, and then radios Luke to let him know he’s got his back until Luke – without the aid of his targeting computer – lets fly the proton torpedo that destroys the Empire’s prize weapon.

(Note: the X-Wing’s proton torpedo shouldn’t be confused with the photon torpedo, which is the principal weapon of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek. Just imagine if there was a film featuring both sets of characters, though, that would be amazing. What would the Jedi make of the Vulcans? Lol!!!!)

Anyway, until this point in the movie, through the clever emotional manipulation of George Lucas, we’ve been left feeling abandoned by Han, who has taken the money and run. But when he reappears we all feel a surge of joy and we know it’s going to be ok, because Luke and Han are a team.

Anyway, this is kind of how I felt when follower Steve, originally the third person to take an interest in all things Newsdesk, reappeared as my seventh follower yesterday, having left the day before along with Mark Nork And Vince.

I was trying to keep pretty upbeat after the guys decided to quit following me, but it wasn’t easy. It made me think of how much it would have hurt Jesus when people decided that Christianity wasn’t for them and they were going home. Like the end of the 1960s, when all the acid wore off and people realised the party was over. It was all about uppers and downers now kids, because the 1970s had arrived! Not that I’m saying I’m like Jesus, or that Christianity is like a drug, although that’s what Karl Marx said. If Christianity was a drug, though, what would it be?

So it was a bit of a blow. But then Steve Came Back (but he didn’t bring my colour TV or my bag of sensi or my record collection of Bob Marley, or my 2CV. Ha ha ha. Spot the Paco Banton/UB40 reference??! ; - ) Lol!!!! ) and it made me feel a lot better. So big shout out to you Steve!!

And as for the other two, well that’s fine. Like I said, I’ll stick with them. But if they choose not to come back, I’ll be ok. Like my mate Greg told me the first time I got dumped when I was 16: “There’s plenty more Norks out there mate.”


He wasn’t wrong, even if I do say so myself. He he he.

Anyway, you’ll notice it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new bits of journalism. That’s because I’ve discovered that journalism isn’t all about news!! No indeed, readers, sometimes it can be about… “Features”. These tend to be more touchy-feely and are longer, more exploratory and more, well, easy to write by the looks of things. You don’t actually need anything other than an idea. So, while I’m going to keep the news on the go, I’m also about to branch out into features…

Keep ‘em peeled…

ND out!


  1. I think the loss of followers was a glitch to do with blogger itself because Steve stopped follwing me, and when I asked him he said he hadn't done it himself. So maybe that's what happened to the other two. If you look at your followers there seems to now be a box around them and its all a bit different so that must be why.

  2. Ah maybe you're right Donnac1968. Looks like the Google gremlins are making things better for us all. As we all know, before things can get better, they have to get worse..!