Saturday, February 14, 2009

“Fuck you” Fuck You, Penguin

Sometimes journalists have campaigns against stuff. That’s when they ride into town on a steed called Sanctimony. I’m not about to impose my views on the world. I’m just not that arrogant.

Sometimes though, you’ve got to speak up about things.

Like the majority of Britons I am an animal lover. You’ve only got to look at how well fed my cats Matthew and Steven are, and even here on the Internet the work I did to help find Mrs Bradley’s dog Raffles clearly demonstrates my love for our fellow earthbeings.

That’s why I have decided to rail against Fuck You, Penguin. The blog is insanely popular and yet all it does is peddle animal hate.

If I posted pictures of muslims and then said nasty things about them, people would RIGHTLY get offended and, indeed, I could get locked up.

I could say “it’s only a joke” or that I’m being ‘ironic’ or ‘satirical’.

But if I started talking about the Irish in derogatory terms I would RIGHTLY get kneecapped (just ask my followers Mark and Molly).

So I say “fuck you, Fuck You, Penguin”. All your doing is trying to flog tee-shirts via a cheap gag. You’re a one gag wonder. When I was a nipper I used to find Russ Abbott’s character C.U. Jimmy hilarious. But I grew up. There’s nothing funny about hate.

Sorry readers, I was getting a little bit carried away there. I got a lovely response from Sam at Peta by the way. I have posted it below:

Hi Barry,

Glad you liked our topless girls – they did seem to go down well with the press – surprise surprise! :-)

Thank you so much for getting I touch – I’m sorry to hear about your redundancy – it’s such a terrible time at the moment.

I haven’t heard about this FUP blog, but will definitely take a look now and let you know what we think.

You should def go veg too! :-)

I’ll be in touch,

Sam x


It’s Valentines Day today of course, Gill wants me to take her out. There’s a new vegetarian place on the high street. We had a long ‘talk’ the other day. I think she’s angling to move in. It’d certainly help me makes ends meet until the journalism starts paying.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure I should even go out. I think I might take a shift at Blockbusters. Richard called, apparently Leigh’s gran is very ill and I think Amber will be working too.



  1. It's a small world. Maybe we worked together once.

    Thanks for dropping by. I will be sure to keep on checking out the Flying Pink Elephants!