Monday, June 8, 2009


When I read the Metro this morning, I felt sick to the pit of my stomach. Sometimes things happen in this country that make you wish you didn't live here. I used to write to the BBC's Have Your Say whenever I felt truly outraged, but then someone sent me a link to a website that basically lampoons people who write into the BBC. So I decided that discrection would be the better part of valour.

The thing is, the people of Britain have a God given right to write into the BBC. Even if, and I want to make this perfectly plain, even if they a) don't believe in God and b) are not British. So if you're too scared to write to the BBC, feel free to vent your spleen here on Barry Newsdesk. You can be sure of a warm hand on your entry.

What I saw in the Metro beggared belief. It made me feel physically and mentally sick. I felt brain raped. Morally. I've not felt this ill since I saw the ropey ginger one out of the spice girls parading about in the Union Jack.

I know that people are generally sick of the state of things here in Britain, but what happened last night and was reported this morning is indefensible.

"NOT IN MY NAME!!!" I cry.

I sat and watched powerless as the reult was bestowed upon us. Powerless, just like every other licence paying BBC viewer on this sceptered isle. Impotent I was. And not just because I'd had the best part of gallan of Cobra.

There he was smiling his slimey oily smile on national television, mocking every single last one of us.

"How can this man hold power?" I wondered. "What has he done to earn it except sit there preaching like the right wing dictator he so clearly is?"

I went onto Have Your Say to complain. But I just couldn't being myself.

What do you think readers, have the people of Britain been wronged?

Click on the link above and Have Your Say. But if you don't want a) your views swallowed into a mass of other almost identical views and thus never get read or b) your views to be lampooned on the very first link of this website, then go to the comments below and Have Your Say there instead.

Here's my beef:

When Sir Alan (the recently appointed Enterprise Champion, which in no way has anything whatsoever to do with him being given a Lordship) Sugar picked that sour-faced Yasmina instead of the totally gorgeous Kate, I almost spat out my Fray Bentos.

It's a bloody disgrace, that's what it is.

I was so gutted that I couldn't bring myself to read about the European elections. I do hope nothing bad happened.


  1. Yasmina runs (or ran) a restaurant in Reading and it's bloody fantastic. I've been there many times. So I was personally quite pleased that she won.

  2. Gah! I saw the state of her chocolates and canapes, I'd never eat in her gaff. But then I guess you've not the choice out in the provinces.

  3. I won't rise to that Barry. But only because you're having a hard time right now.