Monday, March 9, 2009

Monster Munch

One week ago I posed a question that's been troubling me for some time. Of all the crisps available in an average newsagent, which one is the people's favourite?

Well, wonder no more....or should I say Golden Wonder no more!! ;0)

The Global Village has spoken. After seven days one crisp type and one crisp type alone stands head and shoulders above the rest. I'm not sure why I'm building up tension, readers, you'll have put two and two together by now I'm sure.

That's right. The World's Most Favourite crisp type is the Monster Munch.

And what a worthy winner. These MSG coated crazily crunchy reconstituted corn chips date back to the late 1970s. Arguably the greatest decade of them all. The Sex Pistols had shot to fame and Notts Forest won the football league. Maybe a certain amount of nostalgia played a part in the voting?

The last week hasn't exactly been plain sailing. For starters my excellent follower from the Emerald Isle Molly pointed out that Mini-Cheddars aren't actually crisps. Well, that didn't stop one person voting for the cheesey comestible. And, it didn't stop another one saying they prefer nuts!!!!

Amazingly, someone even voted against crisps altogether.

I would have thought my American followers would have voted for the Lays. But the Stateside potato chip received nil points.

Originally, I was going to write up my findings and send them into the Metro. But to be honest, I don't really think seven votes is enough of a sample.

Maybe people visiting the blog were bamboozled by the sheer volume of options. Maybe people don't really have a favourite crisp.

I'll pop up a new poll readers, this time I think I'll make it a bit more near the knuckle. I watched Panarama this evening, on the show they posed the question: should there be an amnesty on immigration?

The TV show didn't really come up with any answers, perhaps if a few more people vote in my poll I can send my findings into Panarama and we can finally put the issue to rest.

What do you think readers, should there be an amnesty on immigration? - don't answer me in the comments box, just vote in the poll on the left (unless you're reading this after next week, when the poll will have closed - if you are, then please feel free to answer the question in the comments box).

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