Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today has been a bit of slow news day. That's what us journalists call the days when there's not much to write about.

Do not despair though. I have employed an old trick of the journalism trade. If you look over to the left of this post, you'll see that I have introduced a NEW feature to the blog. It's a poll. (Not the same sort of poll as my excellent follower Marek Lenarcik.)

Journalists often fall back on research carried out by analysts and pollsters, especially on slow news days like today.

I was inspired to create today's poll by one of the burning questions gripping the nation. I nipped into the newsagent to pick up a four pack of Cobra and grabbed a packet of the new Walkers Builder's Breakfast flavour crisp.

For those of you not familiar with this new flavour of crisp, Leicester-based Walkers Crisps are running a nationwide poll to decide what their new flavour should be. "For the first time ever the nation are being asked to decide," says Leicester's own squeaky clean Gary Lineker on the firm's website.

Walkers are real movers and shakers in the world of crisp technology. Though this time the new flavours were suggested by the people of Britain and the firm has declared that it will put one of them on their roster permanently once the votes have been cast.

There's the aformentioned Builder's Breakfast, there's Cajun Squirrel, there's Onion Baji (my fav), there's Fish & Chips, there's Chocolate & Chilli (urgh!!) and Crispy Hoisin Duck.

It got me thinking, the people of Britain really do love their crisps (or potato chips as our American cousins say). So I thought I would see which type of crisp, as oppose to which flavour of crisp, the people of the world enjoy most.

There are all the usual suspects that you might see in your average newsagent, and some extras. I've left no stone unturned. I've even included the rather amusingly named American crisp, Lays..;-)

I didn't include Bum though, I saw Bum crisps in Spain some years ago, I'm not sure whether they're still available.



  1. Aren't cheddars more of a biscuit/cracker?

    And you missed Tayto - the crisps of Ireland.

  2. I suppose cheddars aren't, technically, crisps. But my local newsagent sells mini-cheddars as part of his crisp porfolio, rather than his cracker selection. And that's good enough for me.

    I'm sorry about missing off Tayto - the crisps of Ireland (I'm sure they're lovely, the Irish have an affinity with the humble spud!).

    However, the die is cast. Like Cher, I cannot turn back time...cast your vote, and I urge you to let other know that this vital piece of research is underway.

  3. My grandparents brought me 'bum' crisps back from Spain about 30 years ago, lol. They were awful! Lol