Monday, November 9, 2009

iphones are brilliaint

Hiya blogland. As anyone who bothered to read yesterdays post will nkow (thanks Mess and Mr C - excellent comments as ever - by the wat Mess, I was indeed thinking of you the other day, I was thinking 'what do the french call french toast?, do you call it toast? If so, what do you call toast? English toast!!! lol that would be mental), my trusty Mac ibook is at PC world.
I thougth I would have to wait until I got it back before I blogged on. But no!
I've borrowed Dan's iphone.
I don't know if you know about iphones readers? They're absolutely the bomb. They are literally mind bowingly awesome. It's like having a phone in your pocket that is also like having a mini-computer in your pocket, albeit one with a fiddly keyboard that makes it quite hard to type.
Dan got his iphone ages ago, he said he queued up outside the Regent St shop to get it when it first came out. He's a trend setting early adoptor readers. I'm usually quite skeptical when it comes to new technology, but this thing is amazing. I can access the internet wherever and whenever I want, anytime, anyplace, it's like that advert for martini.
I'm finding it quite difficult to type though, I told Dan and he told me that I probably suffer from fat-fingering!! lol, I thought that's what went on behind the bikesheds ;-)
I did call up PC world, but some bloke answered the phone, honestly, I don't know where they find these people. Sheldon his name was. Sheldon! I had to ask him three times whether it was actually PC world I was calling up, up the outpatients dept of the Maudsley mental hospital. I was about to give up, I doubt whether Sheldon knows how to even spell COMPUTER! But then someone else interupted him, I recognised the voice. It was none other than my old nemeisis frmo Blockbusters - Richard.
Unless, you're a proper old time Newsdesk reader, you'll not know about Richard. I would tag in the backstory here, but this iphone is well fidly, anyway, after I was first made redundant, I got myself a job at Blockbusters, just to make ensd meet, it didn't really work out, it's a long story readers, but the upshot is, the next time Richard and I crossed swords it was in the job interview for my job here on the magazine. Look at me now Richard! Whos laughing now??????
I'm a senior sales executive on the world's premiere HR magazine and you're a shop worker!
Not that there's anything wrong with being a shop worker - my Mum works in the shop and I love her to pieces, but Richard had an HNC or City & Guilds or something, he was proper jumped up, thought he was better than the rest of us, NOT ANYmore.
I could tel lhe was none too chuffed to be hearing frmo yours truly, and I have to admit, even thought I tried to hide it, i was a little bit smug, although, Richard's so dence he probably didnt notice.
I can't wait to go in to PC world now, I really can't it's going to be hilarious!
Oh how the mightty have fallen.
YOurs Barry

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  1. I am cheering you on... from my iPhone.

  2. Wow, that really hurt my eyes to read that Baz. You need to get your computer back and now.