Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Follow me and tell your friends to follow me too, I am desperate for adulation

This is just going to be a short post readers, soz. Not everything I write turns into epic flowing prose. I know that's probably difficult for a lot of you to imagine. But I am only just barely human after all.

Really, I just wanted to say a big Newsdesk "HELLO" to all the new followers and commenters. I also wanted to say a big Newsdesk "THANK YOU" to Mr London Street.

He gave me a well deservered plug on his excellent regular blogosphere spotlight The Was The Week That Blogged.

As a result of this plug my followership jumped up by four people and rests at the big three-oh. 30 followers!!!! It's brilliant. Not as brilliant as Mr London Street though, he's currently got 215 followers. Still, I cannot begrudge him his fame, he's a top writer and seems like a genuinely nice bloke. His most recent post provides details of three dates with some bloggerettes, he's such a gent that he didn't even mention whether they were lookers.

I reckon MLS must be one of the most followed people on Blogger.

Since I'm the inquisative type I did a quite check on Technorati - and this blog has an authority of 417 out of 1000. I don't know whether that's good or not. It's less than 50 per cent authoratative.

For all you new to Newsdesk, I also have a group on Facebook called The Friends of Barry Newsdesk. Like a lot of groups on Facebook, it is almost 100 per cent pointless. That hasn't stopped 34 people (inc me) joining though.

OK - so, I guess that's me signing off, like I said this post was really to just say "hello" and "thanks".




  1. Would spread the word among my own followers, but I only have 2, and one of them is Mr London Street, so not much help to you I'm afraid! I'm sure the adulation will come though. Your adventures in the world of citizen journalism are very entertaining!

  2. Hello!

    Checked out your blog because of MLS but stayed because I liked it.