Thursday, October 15, 2009

White supremacist

As regular readers will know, my quest for a greater blog followership is an on-going cause of great frustration. I have the occassional burst of success, but so far, nothing stratospheric.

At present my Facebook group, the Friends of Barry Newsdesk, stands at 29 members (inc me, so 28 really - which is just two more than my blog followers). The Facebook group did bump me back up to 26 followers, after a brief slip down to 24. But it's been at 26 for a fair bit now and going nowhere fast.

Mr London Street suggested that I start commenting on other people's blogs. Networking he called it. But it's not my style. I'm a maverick. I'd prefer to plough my own furrow, to sow my own seeds - and I have been doing so with metronomic regularity ever since Gill left me! lol ;-)

Every so often though, I stumble accross a blog that sums up my dreams: rampant, easy, success ending in an amazing book deal. Today, I was reading the Guardian and I stumbled across just such a blog.

It's called Stuff White People Like. Like that other blogosphere sensation Fuck You, Penguin, it is a bit of a one trick pony. It's basically a list that pokes fun at white middle class Americans.

Talk about an easy target!

I've read through the list of 'Stuff White People Like' and I can concur that a lot of the stuff on the list is stuff I like. Even though I'm not American. Since the author is a white person, the blog is clearly using biographical self-deprecating humour so it is not viewed as racism.

The one entry the blogger has missed off his list so far is, Guilt-Laden Self-Deprecating Online Confessionals. White people love blogging and they love blogging about how rubbish they are. I cannot believe how successful this blog is though, and that the Guardian of all papers is lording it up!

I've read the blog readers, and I've read between the's A VIEW FROM THE NEWSDESK.

I don't care that the author is white and I don't care that some of what he says is true, it is racism, pure and simple....and not only is it racist, its success is racist...I did a quick Google search and discovered that the blog Stuff Black People Like, which was created (like the blog SWPL) at the beginning of 2008, is massively unsuccesful. At the time of writing, SBPL has 15 entries, suffice to say, SWPL has considerably more - and nearly 63 million hits.

Just goes to show you readers, white people like more stuff than black people. I guess the years of subjugation have probably ruined things a bit for the black people. Taken the sheen off life, so to speak. They must be having a good old giggle now though thanks to this blog at all the Stuff the White People Like. 'Hahahahaha, look at the stupid white people, with their weath and poor taste. We might be poor, but at least we look cool without trying.'

Only it's not like that is it? The blog Stuff White People Like is not racist against white people, it is racist against black people. It's reminding black people that they have been and continue to be treated as second class citizens, and it's reminding them with an apologetic nod to the fact that white people aren't cool, that they are still at the bottom of the pile.

I once worked with a bloke whose girlfriend was black, and he used to tell racist jokes in the office, 'it's OK, my girlfriend's black' he'd say with a nod and wink. Fucking cock.

The author of SBPL is not actually black, therefore the comments that his blog attracts are not massively forgiving, while SWPL's author is white, and so he's been getting rave reviews, rave reviews that are, no doubt, penned (in the main) by guilt-laden self-deprecating white people.

I did another Google search and discovered Stuff Christians Like, Stuff Chinese People Like, Stuff Asian People Like, Stuff Straight People Like, Stuff Unemployed People Like, Stuff Fly People Like, Stuff Gay Guys Like and Stuff Queer People Like. Also gone are Stuff White People Don't Like and Stuff Black People Don't Like.

So, you see, it's a formulaic franchise, I'm sure there are plenty more besides, but if you want to get in on the action now, here are a few blog titles up for grabs:
  • Stuff tall people like
  • Stuff fat people like
  • Stuff bald people like, and
  • Stuff grumpy people like
'Stuff Barry Newsdesk Likes' is also available, although like the blog Stuff Black People Like, it would be woefully short - and just as un-funny:
  • Cobra
  • Notts Forest
  • Mr C, Mess, Tennyson and all his other followers
  • Fray Bentos pies
I'm a man of simple tastes.

ND signing off

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