Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Friends of Barry Newsdesk

I just took the Facebook law into my own hands readers.

I've started my own Facebook group and it's called the Friends of Barry Newsdesk. I'm extremely pleased to announce that the one and only Mess dude became my first fan!!!


I also just had a good Facebook chat with Mohamed Mamdoh who is a Facebook friend of mine all the way from Egypt. He was on a mobile, but promised to visit the blog another time.

Ooops, for some reasons everything I write is coming out underlined! I can't turn it off....oh well.

So, anywho, I've started the group on Facebook and I have invited every single one of my 'friends' to become a member and to start following my blog.

I guess only time will tell. But for those who do not become a follower, I will defriend. It's truly make or break time.

Peace out.


ps. guess what?!?? I submitted my blog to that Blog Distributor company, they have vetted my blog and I am good to go, a genuine Blog Distributor Contributor - could it be, I finally see some financial reward for all this hard work?

pps. Here's what Blog Distributor said to me:

Hi Barry Newsdesk,

We have tested your blog ( and have found that it matches our criteria for a blog that we feel comfortable sending jobs to. Congratulations, your blog has been Certified!

Please view the table below to see which Topic/Sub-Topics your blog has been certified for, if any. As soon as we receive orders for blog postings that match your blog's certified Topic/Sub-Topics below, if any, we will send you an email notification.

Your Blog’s Topics/Sub-Topics:
Selected By Certified? Topic Sub-Topic # of Postings
per Sub-Topic
You Yes Arts Journalism 5
You No History Religion 4
Categorizer No News Current Events 1
Categorizer No News Hot Topics 2
You Yes News Investigative Journalism 5
You Yes News Journalism 5
You Yes Recreation Humor 5
Categorizer No Society Behavior 2
Categorizer No Sports Cycling 1

  • By reading through your blog, our "categorizers" (the staff people who analyze your blog) have found additional Topic/Sub-Topics that your postings focus on. These additional Topic/Sub-Topics enable you to make more money with Blog Distributor.
  • In order to be certified for a Topic/Sub-Topic, your blog must contain a minimum of at least five blog postings that focus on that particular Topic/Sub-Topic. If you have less than five postings for a particular Topic/Sub-Topic, you may add more postings to your blog and then resubmit it to us. (Follow the "Re-Submission Instructions" below.)
  • Your blog can only be certified for a maximum of five Topic/Sub-Topics per blog. If you have been certified for less than five Topic/Sub-Topics, you can get certified for more Topic/Sub-Topics by creating enough new blog postings to bring the number of postings that focus on each Topic/Sub-Topic up to five. Then, re-submit your blog to us again by following the "Re-Submission Instructions" below.

Re-Submission Instructions: (You can only re-submit your blog a maximum of three times in any 12-month period.)
1. Go to
2. Login with your username and password.
3. Go to the "My blog(s)" page on our website.
4. Click on the Resubmit blog checkbox in the row of the blog that you wish to re-submit.
5. Our staff/system will re-test your blog. If it follows our guidelines, and there are no further problems with your blog, then it will be Certified to receive New Jobs from Blog Distributor!

If you have other blogs, we suggest that you submit them for Certification too!
We look forward to working with you.

Blog Distributor

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  1. Well Baz, hopefully this will get you back to doing the Citizen Journalism we love. I've missed that part of your blog lately.