Monday, August 31, 2009

Fur Wars - Chapter 3

Somewhere, deep in space, in a galaxy far, far away from anything else much, planets soar in elliptical orbits of various radii around a dying sun. This undisturbed solar system plays host to eight planets, 166 moons, five dwarf planets, and billions of smaller bodies. One planet alone though, the third from the sun, is unique (or at least that’s what its residents believe), in that it plays host to an abundance of life.

This planet has a single moon visible to its billions of self-absorbed residents. Lurking 100,000 miles behind the first moon though, lies a second, smaller, satellite. This second celestial body follows the orbit of the first primary moon and so remains hidden from view at the host planet’s ground zero. This second outer satellite also plays host to life. Dark and brooding life.

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