Monday, January 18, 2010

The country's most hated?

Hey readers, apologies about the lack of posts recently. My computer had a virus, it’s not the first time it’s happened either, you think I’d be more careful.

Google’s Chrome is so quick that I’ve been surfing much more easily, and I guess, well one thing led to another and I clicked on something I shouldn’t have and bingo – caput. It’s almost as though the God’s of the Computer world were looking down on my last post and had decided that my editorial integrity was being called into question.

I actually got an email to my private account from one of my followers accusing me of doing something called ‘astro-turf’ PR on behalf of Google. For my American readers and non-sporting types out there, astro-turf is not some specially manufactured grass that only grows in space, it’s actually a name for fake turf. So, someone was accusing me of fake PR. Which if you think about it is like accusing someone of being a dishonest estate agent.

Having been inspired by Nick Horby’s hilarious High Fidelity, I was ruminating over my top five list of hated professionals the other day. Here’s my list:

1. Estate agents
2. Politicians
3. Lawyers
4. Journalists
5. PR people

What do you reckon? Have I missed anyone off? Have I got the order wrong? Do you have a particular beef with traffic wardens or teachers, or lollipop ladies? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

Yours in lists

1. Barry
2. Newsdesk


  1. I'd ask what you clicked on, but it's much more fun to imagine. I've never been fond of cosmetic consultants. Never tell someone to piss off while they're holding a heated eye-lash curler.

  2. People who stand on the street and ask you if you have had an accident in the past 3 years. Of course I have you tosser, but I'm a grown up so I take responsibility, moron!

    Also those people who work for charities who try to get you to sign up for regular payments, and tell you they aren't asking for money. Yeah, right and what's the direct debit instruction for then, idiot!

  3. When you say "lawyers," do you mean all lawyers, or just the employed ones? We jobless lawyers still live rather decent lives, having not been given the opportunity to demonstrate how truly heinous we can be.