Friday, January 8, 2010

Tired but happy

Just a quick one tonight readers, in more ways than one! Yesterday’s instalment in the Onan Diaries was easy, what with Glynis Barber making a shock reappearance on our screens as Roxy’s mum in Eastenders. It reminded me instantly of classic cop show Dempsey and Makepeace. Seminal stuff.

And as for tonight, well… I was putting it off until bedtime but then, as I made one of my frequent trips to Mr London Street’s exemplary blog, I saw that he had nominated me as one of his seven blogs to watch during 2010!!! How about that? This guy’s got more than 900 followers. He’s got a photo that looks like a proper author’s shot. This is the big time.

I was so excited that, well, I went all improvisational. I didn’t even really need to think of anything at all. I was just buzzing. Thanks MLS, I wonder if this is the first time your blog’s had such an impact on one of your readers?

Pretty sleepy now.



  1. Watch out.. you'd better book that photo shoot!

  2. I read your blog as a result of your nomination by MLS and nearly wet myself laughing, especially at the need for a back story for your onanistic fantasies. Classic. Love you. Will be back for more. Keep it up in all possible ways!

  3. I feel honoured yet soiled. But I still think you're a genius.

  4. Congratulations to you on making MLS's short list. I stopped by on his recommendation and I think I'll make myself comfortable.

  5. Actually it's not the first time. The majority of my readers have come from 'The Big Cheese Blog King'. He does always have "proper" looking photos, doesn't he?

    Congratulations on the recognition. Much deserved.