Friday, July 24, 2009

Roland Rat is a terrorist shocker

Is it just me or does the bloke in the photo on the blog post below bear a striking resemblance to Roland Rat?

"Eeeeeeeeee, Kevin, let's form a terrorist cell and then go and blow up a hotel bar packed with innocent holiday makers, eeeeeeeeeeee."

I probably wouldn't condone the use of children's entertainment glove puppets for the propagation of terror. But maybe they’re perfect for the job. According to his theme tune, King of the glove puppets Sooty was “ever so naughty”. Granted that is a far cry from guerrilla warfare and the worse Matthew Corbett could expect was a squirt in the face with a water pistol. But Sooty could lull you into a false sense of security couldn't he? He had a certain something. A certain innocent charm. I doubt he'd get searched going through Heathrow security. I can well imagine him, Sweep and Soo running amok in the departure lounge of Terminal 5 with sub-machine guns or worse still taking the controls of a Boeing 747 and crashing it into Buckingham Palace. That would put the cat among the pigeons.

I think I’ve been stuck at home alone too long readers! lol.

I'm off up to Lincoln this weekend thank (your) God. The Swine Flu has definitely cleared up and Mum says she's got some news she can only tell me in person. She's asked me to bring the the tie and cufflinks she bought me and the new suit I was supposed to get myself. I haven't actually had a chance to get the suit or sell the gift card either!! I'll just tell her that I didn't have time to get to the shops, she's only asking about the suit out of some pointless politeness. If she wanted to get me a suit, she should have bloody well bought me one instead of taking the easy way out and getting me a voucher. Vouchers are just the lazy way out. Unless they're vouchers for Cobra, which is what I requested in return for my continued online support of that fabulously smooth lager beer.

Still haven't heard anything from the Cobra marketing guys though, I guess they need to get my sponsorship offer signed off by the lawyers of something.

Anyhoo, much love and peace out.



  1. Hi Blogleader - You know when you have a favourite author - say, Bill Bryson or P.G Wodehouse - and you avidly read everything that they publish; you sort of get an insight into their style and where their cleverly constructed plots are heading! Fr'instance there were times as I read Harry Potter (the edition with the adult cover, of course!) when I found myself screaming "DON'T GO THROUGH THAT DOOR"! Startled the wife I can tell you! Well, young Baz, I'm getting the same feeling now. Can't put my finger on it yet, but just can't wait for the next episode of the best blog on the 'Net. Am off up North visiting Mum and Dad this weekend - expecting great blogging on my return.
    Post a piccy of you in the suit!
    Cheers - MrC

  2. I don't know, it's always bad news when your mother says she has something she can only tell you in person AND you have to wear a suit.

  3. Further to your last post comment, I'd like you to cover Bowls. It might be a bit nerdy but I love the Bowls. Lawn Bowls though, not indoor.