Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy birthday to me.....

Well readers, I've had a shit old day today. I remember the good old days back in Lincoln, when Mum's mantlepiece would be adored with cards. There'd be a big one from Mum in the middle, one from my grandparents (on the maternal side, natch), one from Steve, one from the neighbours, one from Rev Smyth and one from Mum's friend aunty Sue, who wasn't my actual aunt. I'd have ice cream for breakfast and Mum would let me come home from school at lunch and then stay at home playing on my Atari, I could stay up and have jam sandwiches for supper.

These days, I just go into work, another anonymous drone, realising there's nothing special about me or my existence. One more day closer to death.

The only thing had to look forward to all day was the thought of the six pack of Cobra I'd get myself on the way home.

Although, I should also say a special thank you to my good friend Mess, who was the only person to send me birthday greetings today.


As for everyone else, and yes that includes you Mum! (Presumably you're too busy fucking Roger to remember you even have a son.) You can all go swing.

Happy birthday my arse.


  1. Happy Birthday Barry Newsdesk! I still think you're ace. If only you'd mentioned this impending milestone in the blog...

  2. Thanks guys. It means a lot to me. I should also probably apologise to Mum, I got a lovely card from her today. It came with a parcel that my neighbour Mrs Bradley was looking after for me. Jeesh, what a plonker I am, eh!?

  3. Happy Birthday, Blogleader - if its any comfort, my wife, four step-children and myself have just sung "Happy Birthday to Barry" before tucking into our evening meal - which by some AMAZING coincidence was jam sandwiches and ice cream.
    Now cheer up and get some Cobra down your neck! Try phoning Gill - she'll be a cheap date as she can't drink in her condition.

  4. You're welcome mate. It was absolutely normal, and I had a soda on you. Take care.