Saturday, February 26, 2011

A new start

Hey guys - sorry about the disappearing act. Again.

I've not been up to anything massively exciting to be honest. I got a bit para about Tony the toast and so the authorities have moved us.

I was told that I shouldn't blog, but it's in my blood man. If I stopped blogging altogether, I would probably die. That said, I didn't die during the last break even though I came quite close and I didn't die all the way up to the point before I started blogging despite once contracting the mumps and chicken pox at the same time when I was 12 - thanks a bunch Steve.

But it feels like I would die. And that's probably a bit worse that dying.

Anyway, I had to start blogging again, so that I could tell you about my new venture. I've had enough of working for The Man you see. You have no autonomy when you're a slave to the system. And, besides, you never get rich working for someone else. Unless you're a footballer, or a movie star, or a banker, or maybe a CEO of a large company or indeed anyone else on the senior management team, or a pop star, or Simon Cowell or a lottery winner, or someone with rich but dead parents, or the divorced wife of any of the above.

"But Barry," I hear you cry, "you've been a freelance Citizen Journalist for some time now, surely that is the very essence of not working for The Man?"

Well, that's true. I've written some epic pieces of editorial over the past two and bit years since leaving my sales job. I've submitted shocking news items about religion on public transport, missing dogs and lecherous Sky employees all to the Metro without success. I've even failed to make it entering children's book writing competitions (that's competitions for creating a book aimed at children, rather than a competition aimed at children writing books - although children were free to enter the competition).

I've seen my blog following swell to gratifying proportions during this time. But none of it is paying off financially. It seems the work of a humble scribe is not particularly well paid readers. It is for that reason that I have decided to become a freelance PR Guru.

Apparently, a wide variety of the so-called newspapers in this country simply cut and paste sections of press releases that have been sent to them by PR companies into their pages and pass this information off as news.

I read all about this on a fab new website I found called It blows the lid off the media profession. Who would have thought that newspapers resort to printing press releases? Apparently, there are now more PR people in the UK than there are journalists!

Now, it strikes me that having strived for the past two years to get something into the papers using actual Citizen Journalism was a bit naive. What I should have been doing all along was creating press releases on behalf of companies and sending those to the newsdesks of the red tops and broadsheets.

The thing is, it is difficult to know exactly where to start. I can't just start writing press releases willy nilly. I need to get a commission. I need a client. I need to identify some brands that could do with some PR and gett pitching my services. I need to single out some struggling old favs or sleeping giants. I can become like the Max Clifford of big business.

BP would be a classic wouldn't it? The once proud petroleum colossus brought to its knees thanks to engineering failure, environmental catastrophe and boardroom arrogance. Billions wiped off its market valuation. I reckon I could probably get a press release or two in the Metro on their behalf.

Or maybe I should turn my attention to something more recent. British Gas, for example, just turned in profits of £4bn after pushing up its prices last year during one of the deepest global recessions. This caused widespread media condemnation.

Maybe I could write a new press release about how when I switched from French-owned EDF to dual fuel electricity and gas bills from UK fav BG that I actually SAVED money last year. I could do a survey, maybe, and then send out a top tips advice sheet explaining how canny consumers need not be the victim, and that actually if you are the victim it's probably your own fault. I could pitch that at the Daily Mail I reckon.

Or, steering away from fossil fuels, maybe the bankers deserve my support. Barclays recently announced profits of £6bn. You would think that the media would welcome this as good news, but no! It is almost as though the pressmen want things to go badly. I could write a fun press release comparing the relative wealth of most Barclays employees and Barclays Premiership footballers. Perhaps I could encourage a few to do a job swap! Lol. Just imagine Wayne Rooney sitting behind the counter at the bank, he'd need to count out your money on his fingers! Ha! I reckon that would easy get in Hello! or Chat.

Although, actually, maybe I am starting off a bit too grand. I probably need to build up to BP, BG and Barclays.

Sticking with the letter B - how about Blue Nun? I'm drinking a glass of it right now since the offie was out of Cobra. It's not bad either, but its reputation stinks. I reckon I could come up with a brilliant campaign to get the Nun back on the wine menus of Britain.

OK readers, I reckon I need to polish of this bottle and brainstorm a few ideas!

From one BN to another!


  1. Hi Barry,
    Many years ago (1966, actually) I went, as a callow student teacher, on my first visit to London Town. There I met,in an Angus Steak House, a stunning young lady from St. Lucia who claimed to be called Mercedes! It evolved into a very complicated day involving lots of Whitbread and an expensive visit to a shop which I'm sure was called "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman"!
    Anyway, my last definite memory was going with Mercedes (now wearing some very trendy Carnaby Street fashion which had cost me the very last of my meagre student grant)into a rather dingy Soho doorway that was guarded by an 8ft gorilla in a tux and sunglasses (at night!!). There I was required to buy some very suspect "Champagne" with a suprising lack of fizz and watch the entertainment. And - here's the point of my rambling tale - the 'entertainment' consisted of a rather plump naked lady squatting over a bottle of Blue Nun and, in a display of description-defying gymnastics, transferring the contents of the bottle to a pint glass next to it!
    I'm telling you Baz - it put me off Leibfraumilch for the rest of my life! Now there's a brand that I feel certainly could do with some great PR!

  2. Look Baz - this is no longer funny! Get on your f***ing typewriter and get blogging! I am so short of amusing reading material that I'm considering taking Salman Rushdie to bed with me! You are my only hope!
    Baz - PLEEEESE - your patient public need you! Wot's up? We need to know.
    Mr C

  3. I am wondering if a "super gag order" has been obtained by some worthless celebrity to silence the Blog.

  4. My God, Maccoall - I think you are on to something there! Never crossed my mind - but it should have done! Our Baz has taken several big swings at some powerful people since he started blogging. Blockbusters video stores, various footballers, the odd pop star, celebrities who (allegedly) have been in, or urgently needed, rehab - and left a trail of women with broken hearts! Any one of them could be the Mr Big behind a "Silence Barry" campaign! But, if your right what should we do now ...?

  5. MrC - We should get the tawdry details out to the wider world.
    Do you know anyone in the US State Dept. you can send an e-mail to , so the world can read it all in the Guardian tomorrow.
    In the meanwhile , my local supermarket has amazingly started selling Cobra so I am going to check them out and see what's all the fuss Barry has been making about the Bangalore brew.

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