Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sick Sikh

Phew, I’ve managed to steal a few moments alone to log on. Wow, it’s taken me ten minutes to read and re-read Mr C’s ace comment on my previous post. I’m not afraid to admit it, but I cried like a baby. And not just because I’ve just been cutting up the onions for tomorrow’s spag bol.

I’m onto quite a cushy number in the kitchens. Like I said before, my unit supervisor lends me his laptop and turns a blind eye, and I lend him a hand every so often. He’s a funny feller. His name is Paul, although his real name is Gurjit. He is actually a Sikh. Lol. Way back when I conducted my study on religions I never did Sikhism. From what I can gather, it is basically like being the opposite of Hindu.

Hindus are vegetarians. Sikh’s are carnivores. Hindu’s believe in elephant-headed gods, Sikhs train elephants. It’s no surprise then that the British army trained Sikhs to be the main fighting force against the Hindus during our occupation. Hindus are basically hippies you see, and while the Sikhs have long hair and beards, they also carry knives and like nothing more than a few drinks and scrap. They’re like India’s Hell’s Angels.

Paul breaks the mould a bit as a Sikh, and not just because he has adopted a European name. He’s a practising homosexual you see, which if he were a Hindu would be perfectly fine – remember, those were the guys who wrote the Karma Sutra. Sadly, for Gurjit, being gay is strictly prohibited amongst the Sikhs. Like a lot of Indians he was training to be a doctor, but when he changed his name to Paul and went full on gay, he turned his back on that life. Apart from the bit about carrying a knife.

His life literally crumbled following a moment of madness. He placed an advert in his local newspaper’s lonely hearts column. This in itself would not have been a major problem, but for the fact that the gay Sikh community is quite tight knit and he was already friends with five other practising homosexual Sikhs in town and so when he placed the ad reading: “Six sick Sikhs seek six sick Sikhs for sick sex.” He was drummed out of the community. Which is not quite what he was after. From that moment on he has roamed the earth. Like David Cain in Kung Fu. Only a Sikh version in the East Midlands.


  1. Sikhs are the vegetarians and always preach peacefulness.

  2. The idiotic person who wrote this. Get your facts straight or shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are some who eat meat and may drink but Gursikhs(baptized in your terms) do not eat or kill animals and don't drink either. Being gay has nothing to do with being a sikh.Sikhism is a religion. Homosexuals are people. And LASTLY SIKHS ARE NOT INDIA'S HELL ANGELS. Why the heck you even wrote this blog I do not know you must of been high, but yes do stop talking about Sikhism bc you are confusing others and yourself. Stick to things that you already know.

    1. Nihang Singhs are baptized Gursikhs and many eat jhatka meat, so you see some do eat meat. Only ritually sacrificed meat is forbidden because that is killed where the animal suffers due to a slow death versus by way of a single efficient stroke to the neck.

  3. wayy more sick sikhness; smiles


  4. There are all sorts of people who are Sikhs. I believe a better analogy is not the Hells Angels, but rather an order of spiritual warriors who historically attracted those looking for adventure and heroism as well as those seeking peaceful solace. There is a sort of rebel feel and yes, training yourself in martial arts and meditation in service of humanity, in particular the weak and poor, seems to harken towards those idealized fiction stories of lord of the rings, but for the fact that Sikhs are real and did live the dream and some still try to do so today.

  5. You were right when you said never studied sikhism, your facts are all wrong. You should consider researching before you post this type of nonsense, it's comments like "they also carry knives and like nothing more than a few drinks and scrap" which anger people, create sterotypes and eventually lead to racism. Educate yourself.

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