Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tangible excitement

After the excitement of completing my first editorial project I decided to take Saturday off.

Strictly speaking the journalist is never off duty. Like policemen. I made a mental note to keep my ears and eyes open at all times. If you're doing it nine to five, you're doing it wrong.

Played Pro Evolution Soccer for five hours and completed half a season taking my team, Notts Forest, to the top of the D1. I'm in all cups. This could prove to be my most successful season to date.

Sadly, I had agreed to meet up with Gill in the evening. Went for a few drinks, got home in time for Match of the Day. Thank heavens for small mercies. Polished off a bottle of wine.

Spent this morning tidying up the flat, but couldn't really concentrate due to the excitement of anticipating seeing my poll results in tomorrow's Metro!

Think I'll have a few games of PES.

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